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Did you know the NSW National Parks website is one of the most popular NSW Government websites? Based on 2019/20 visitation, it has more than 5.5M users per year, with over 29M pageviews annually.

With such impressive figures Urban Walks was delighted when it was invited as a Parks Eco Pass operator to have a webpage hosted on the site.  The timing was perfect as the launch of The Emerald Way website was imminent.

What’s more, in addition to being profiled on the NSW National Parks website, the team at NSWNP also utilises The Emerald Way’s webpage to promote the business via their various marketing channels, including social media (Facebook and Instagram), Naturescapes E-news (which has over 120,000 subscribers), as well as through numerous public relations opportunities.

NSW National Parks

The Emerald Way journeys through two National Parks depending on which walk you have chosen – The Sydney Harbour National Park and the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Both are stunning and offer guests the opportunity to interact with nature and cultural heritage under the guidance of our expert Walk Leaders.

Take a look at our new page on the site by clicking here: