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26th Feb, 2021

An absolute stunner. That’s the only way to describe the day that greeted our very special group of guests on our first ever ‘Family and Friends’ joined us to walk The Emerald Way.

 Our invitation to the group was wrapped in a plea for help. We wanted to see how all our planning and theory performed when put to the test with an actual group of paying customers.

 The response was so positive with 18 guests joining us over the course of the week.

 Which brings us back to day one and the fabulous (and seriously hot) day we encountered. Suffice to say that the lunchtime stop at Bondi Icebergs was very much appreciated as people hit the pool for a well-deserved swim.

 We won’t go through every day in chapter and verse but the great news is that the walk ran smoothly, there was universal endorsement for the route itself and high praise for the Walk Leaders, the accommodation and the selection of restaurants, cafes and other foodie treats the group had the opportunity to enjoy. (Ask about the Portuguese tarts!)

 Among many highlights the private Zoo Tour was very special.  As were the fireworks over the Harbour at dinner the same night – which we naturally claimed credit for!

 The request from our guests for a group reunion certainly reflects well on our quest to make The Emerald Way experience one of camaraderie and fun set against the background of a seriously beautiful walk.